Ilios network

In 2010 a group
of design and UX experts
decided to create
a super team...

A new way to work

We redesigned the company

We started from its essence: People who group together
with other professionals whose work they admire.
Once we had that, nothing else was needed:
no office, no legal structure, no bosses.

A new way to work

It is not a dream

We believe that in the future
there will be more organizations like ours.
Because it works very well.
Here are our advantages:

Our advantages


With ilios you are not paying our office rental,
telephone bill, or the salaries of admin people.
Only for great professionals, at their real price.
We cost less than a consulting firm,
and we make more than working for one.
Everyone wins.

Our advantages

More flexible

Ilios is not a company,
it’s a network of professionals who trust each other.
We can grow to take on any project, large or very large.

Our advantages


No project is ever finished when the site launches,
that is when the real work begins.
We stand by you throughout the entire life-cycle
of your project, from cradle to maturity.

Our advantages

More intimate

We are proud of having reduced
management to the minimum.
We know how great design projects are made:
rolling your sleeves, and working
shoulder to shoulder with the client
all the way to the last line of code.

Our advantages

More potent

We have created start-ups and invested in them,
we have worked with huge clients in all platforms,
we have launched avant-garde Masters Degrees, we have produced feature films,
we have invented a new type of company (this one!)
… and this is only the beginning.

Our advantages

To sum up

We accompany your project
from conception to maturity,
with first class professionals
at reasonable prices.
Want to meet us?

More than one century of collective Internet experience